RePurpose Depot Story

RePurpose Depot was created as a place to bring the material that results from our Residential Deconstruction work.  The store is open to the public during regular business hours and by appointment.  We are the partner warehouse for The ReUse People of America, a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to keeping usable building materials out of the landfill.  

Our Team

Caroline Kostak

Caroline Kostak is RePurpose Depot's Chief Plate Spinner. She is a Recovering Engineer, Residential Green Building Expert and teacher of Sustainability.  She started her career learning building principles as an engineer working on the assembly of the International Space Station for NASA.  One of the aspects of Green Building that she feels especially passionate about is building material reuse and keeping usable things out of the landfill.  She serves as the Vice-Chair and Green Schools Chair of the US Green Building Council, Texas Gulf Coast Region. When she's not keeping things out of the landfill, she is a yoga teacher and has a business that teaches kids how to be Flight Controllers for Space Station.

Phil Curell

Phil C

Phil Curell is RePurpose Depot's chief Problem Solver, Graphic Artist, and Optimist Prime.  We mainly get to see Phil at the store on the weekends since he has a "real" job during the week as an engineer managing a group of the best problem solvers in the world.  Phil is also an extraordinary yoga teacher and the best support team any store could have.


Jerry Howell, aka Sarge, is RePurpose Depot's Master Deconstructionist, Crew Chief and Head Youtuber.  He is a former Marine Special Ops, which serves him well, as deconstruction requires continual real-time ops, replanning, and figuring things out on the fly.  He loves his job, loves teaching & learning and loves the path of Recovery to which he is committed.  When not deconstructing, you can find Sarge creating amazing artwork.  You can see some of his work at RePurpose Depot or on his Facebook page.