Salvage as Waste Reduction

Posted by Caroline Kostak on

At RePurpose Depot, our Purpose is to keep usable building materials out of the landfill and to get them to people who need them. We deconstruct houses prior to demolition and we're starting on our first New Construction project - helping a multifamily affordable housing project reduce waste by reclaiming what they would otherwise discard.  That reduces their waste (for which they'll get a LEED credit), keeps materials out of the landfill, and gets those materials to you! We love finding  win-win-win solutions! We'll be reclaiming lumber, rebar, OSB, pallets, and drywall over the next few months.  That should reduce their waste by at least 20%.  Let us know if you have a project you need waste reduction help with!  We can pick up or take donations at our store.

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