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We started RePurpose Depot because it was frustrating that so many houses were being torn down and all that good material was going into the landfill.  Why throw all that good stuff out!??  We understand that demolition has to happen in many cases, but we like to look for ways that we can get in there first and save as much as possible.  We aim to work with builders ahead of time to fit deconstruction into the demolition and building timeframe and keep the costs low so that the tax benefit offsets the cost of labor.  Win-win for everyone! We envision a Houston where deconstruction is the first stop whenever a house is going to be torn down and as much material as possible is saved.  

It has been a long and challenging road, but with the support of the Houston community and the amazingly hard work and dedication of our deconstruction crew and store team, we have exceeded our space and are heading to a new place! 

We will be moving over the next few weeks and hope to open in our new place at the end of May.  Some of the new materials from deconstruction will be going directly to our new store so we have awesome things to show off when we open there.  In addition, we will have a massive sale over this week and the next few weeks in an attempt to have to move as little as possible.  Please help us out!  Come find a great deal on that thing you've been wanting, and save us the effort of moving it to its new home. 

See you at the store,


PS... In addition to trying to reduce our inventory at the old store, we are currently accepting donations at the new store.  If you have materials that you no longer want, from extra project materials or last year's inventory, please let us know!  Contact us to make a donation.


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