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When we started RePurpose Depot a year and a half ago, we began without knowing if or how we would be able to make this work.  At the very beginning we had no crew, no store, and not nearly enough money to start a business.  

At just the right time, I found one crew member, who had a friend and then another friend and then others.  We had no store, so we occupied (10) storage units until one day I had had enough. We found a building that was available immediately and for a price I thought we could afford (but wasn't really sure).  I had never run a store before, or even worked in one.  The building we found was very hot or very cold, depending on the time of year, sprung a leak (er, shower) that lasted 2 days during that freeze last year, flooded every time it rained and collected more dust and grit than the Sahara.  And has no bathroom. I love the building though. I love the industrial look and as a big aviation & space geek, I love the connection to Howard Hughes. I love the East side of town. And I've loved getting to know all of our new friends and the parties we've had.

We so appreciate all the customers who have stuck with us through the cold & heat and keep coming back - I'd say a third of you are regulars!  You have made this work. You have proven that there are creative, intelligent, can-do fixers in the world and you give us hope that there are other people out there who are passionate about keeping reusable building materials out of the landfill.

And now it's time to move on. We knew we would outgrow this space and it happened quickly.  The city doesn't like our bathroom solution and I'm really looking forward to some better thermal control and less dust. We hope that you'll come see the new space and find some really cool stuff! We have some great houses on the horizon that will bring in a LOT of nice things. 


I remember sitting outside our old store with my husband before we moved in, watching the clip from Indiana Jones Last Crusade where Jones has to step off the cliff in a leap of faith.  I felt it then and I really feel it now. I'm trusting that this is the right thing to do; I'm trusting that Houston needs and appreciates the reuse of building materials, and trusting that everyone on our team is going to do our best to treat our materials and customers with respect. 

Come by this week to get great deals on things we don't want to have to move and come to the new store to see the things that have come in over the last month. We have some good stuff to show off!!


RePurpose Depot, chief plate spinner

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